Certified Course on Service Quality Manager

CertifiedService Quality Manager Program

Hong Kong is now a service oriented economy. According to Governments statistics. Service Sector generated 93% GDP and with employment close to 87% (Fact Sheets of HK government June 2014). Organizations and individual should be well aware and equipped with knowledge and skills in providing quality service in order to survive and achieving growth in the service market.

HKQMA and LAGREACH, after its successful program, Registered Quality Manager, will launch a new program, CertifiedService Quality Managerin mid-March 2015 to in line with the ever growing service market. It is a 6-day program with hands-on case studies, company visit and basic knowledge in service quality. This program is especially suitable for those newly joined or with years working experience in service industry. The brochure is enclosed for your reference.

I look forward to seeing you in the classroom soon.