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A Quick Project Scanner: BPS A boss has to do the right thing, making a right decision of go or no go. Decision making is the core transaction of organizations (McLaughlin, 1995, p. 443) while management decision constitutes the most important thing that the boss does (Harrison & Pelletier, 2000). Asking professionals to write up a feasibility study is a matter The below-mentioned BPS scanner applying the concept of pattern system with input, process, and output involve crossing the boundaries. In term of pattern system, a business deal must at least consist of these The most basic elements of a business deal are at the least composed of a Buyer (“B”) who is willing to buy a product (“P”) whereas a supplier (“S”) who is willing to offer the product under an acceptable or affordable price, usually in monetary item. Whenever or whatever possible, suppliers tend to sell directly to the ultimate buyers rather than any middle parties, namely wholesaler, retailer, and agent (Morgan & Someone selects exceptional cuisine from the Michelin restaurant guide while some keep eating fast food. Simplicity is the angel as well as the devil of BPS tool after all. As far as importance, comprehensiveness, validity and reliability are concerned, a simpler tool always disappoints the academics. This BPS is, however, not going to substitute any existing tools. The merit of this practical scanner is simple and economy. It is much easier to introduce a little- or zero-investment tool to SMEs. This tool reduces the time needed for sidetracking, enabling inexperienced individuals to focus on analyzing the elements constituting a basic business deal. The theoretical background has been In a buyer’s market, (B) is always far important than the other two elements. No matter how academics define (P), a product is nothing more the rubbish if a buyer does not exist. If the practitioners still found it too difficult to remember BPS, BBB would be the simplest tool. BBB stands for Buyer, Buyer and Buyer. Nowadays products flood the marketplace providing the market players perceive that there is still a profit margin. The life cycle of existing products is shortening while the survival rate of new product is low. A promising product should be in the form of solution tackling the problems in the near future. A unique In order to make the concept of Suppliers more updated and comprehensive, the authors find it appropriate to incorporate certification bodies, service providers and the landlord as a sort of (S).

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