About Us

    Message from the Chairman

    I have been an examiner of MBA viva voce and a visiting professor since 2002 and now I am still maintaining respectful relationships with the students.  Since then some students repeatedly proposed to set up an alumni, and yet the social circle was limited. Most, if not all, of the activities of alumnus were just social gatherings for dining once or twice a year.

    The establishment of Literati Academy of the Greater China (or called, “Lagreach”) was more than dining parties.  We believe knowledge is power. Lagreach is going to be a multi-functional platform, which meets the voice of the members and contributes to the body of knowledge and the society. This association will not be limited to specific university students but we accept undergraduates or postgraduates in the Greater China Region. Members from business sector are always welcomed to Lagreach.  Together with the individual members, we are willing to help our corporate members to tackle their management problems.

    The setup of every association depends on the effort that the members provided. My founding members have contributed much more than I anticipated.  They have voluntarily worked with me under pressure.  Last but not the least, I hereby sincerely express my heartfelt thanks for their efforts.

    Vision: Building a platform for success.
    Mission: >To let members, learners and organizations succeed via translating mission into action.


    -          Unity is strength
    -          Knowledge is the power
    -          Be tolerant
    -          Never say never
    -          Continuous improvement

    About us:

    The headquarters of Lagreach is located in Hong Kong. We are bonded together with a group of academic degree holders with practical management experience.  We believe that unity is strength, knowledge is power and uniting these knowledgeable degree holders is a powerful force.  Lagreach is developing its network in the Greater China Region. Members could use this platform to learn, to seek business opportunities, and to develop their social circle.

    Lagreach participates in social, educational, training, publications, environmental, cultural and charity activities and training courses. The Association is willing to co-organize activities with other associations, organizations and/or institutes whenever or whatever these activities are aligned with our vision and mission.

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